Auspicious Thingyan Myanmmar New Year 2012

Auspicious Thingyan Myanmmar New Year 2012
MMChitChat would like to wish all of you for auspicious Thingyan and the new year.May all be as peaceful and delightful as Thingyan water and flowers with healthy mind and body.

Myanmar Thingyan or Water festival
Myanmar Thingyan or water festival is celebrated every year between April 13-16. It is the Myanmar new year according to the Buddhist calendar.Thingyan is also happening in other Theravada Buddhist areas of Southeast Asia such as Lao New Year, Cambodian New Year,Songkran in Thailand and Xihuangbanna(Shan or Dai in China) in China.Thingyan is the most joyous and special event for people of all ages.People splash water to each other or play water and make merits.
Thingyan is a Buddhist festival celebrated over a period of four to five days culminating in the new year. Formerly the dates of the Thingyan festival are calculated according to the traditional Burma lunisolar calendar and but now have fixed Roman calendar ( 13 to 16 April) equivalent it often coincides with Easter.More
Traditional Myanmar Thingyan 

Thingyan in Ancient Bagan Kingdom

Bagan Thingyan Art

Ref: Celeb photos from The bloom fashion magazine
Myanmar Thgyan Art