Myanmar MTV - L Sai Ze

Here are collection of MTVs of L Sai Ze. I hope you will like them all. She is one of the well-known singers in Myanmar who originally is from Kachin State and the daughter of old singer lady, L Khun Yee. Her songs are slow rock and touchable. Many people are falling in love with the lyrics and the rhythm. Now, you can listen almost all of her songs here.

A Chit Kan Ma Kaung Khae Thu

Remix- Hle Kyee Par Ohn Lar

Pyan Lar Par

Hlat Kyi Bar Oone Lar

Yay See Kyaung Tan Yaw Zin

Htin Nay Dar Mhar P

A Yuu Ma Lote Nae

Moe Yarthi Tae

Lar Chin Yin A Nee lay

Note Sat Hwet Kwar Thu

Malika A Lwan

Remark: If you can't watch those movies, please let me know here.