San Twal Tar Khin | Myanmar Girl Of The Month

Myanmar Girl of The Month | San Twal Tar Khin is one of pretty Myanmar new models.

Myanmar Chit-Chat choose her for Myanmar girl of the month, Sep 2007 for her new pretty looks.

Anyhow, a good model is defined by his or her own good talent, unique style of fashion and makeups that is right for him or herself. To be a model is to be a good example to others in terms of good personality and morality with the appropriate outlooks may apply to his or her and how much he or she do good to the society.

One cannot be a good model just by having some makeups done with materials apply to oneself. But it's just happening so nowadays to our society. Publics will only define the way a model react with the society. So that a bad model will never last long in the publics for the long run. Just to say so about it.

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San Twal Tar Khin

San Twal Tar Khin


madyjune said...

She looks like Han Chae Young a bit. I was a bit surprised to see her and later realizing that she must be a Myanmar model :)