Cool Myanmar Model| Aye Myat Thu

Cool Myanmar Model- Aye Myat Thu| Aye Myat Thu is one of famous models in Myanmar. She has a nick name called 'yaut yet'.It means being 'clumsy'.She said she can be very clumsy in one of her interview but she does want to have a peaceful mind.She may have a habit doing things disorderly for doing with rush but not that negative of what 'clumsy' means.With the slim body and her name 'Aye Myat Thu' means 'being peaceful&high-valued one', I think she has a beauty that is cool off rather than being hot and sexy. So her face looks cool with her name and she does look cool.what do you think? :D

In these photos, she looks good with the dresses but some background doesn't go right with the fashion. And she may be beautiful when she smiles. This model hardly smiles in most of her posts.


Anonymous said...

Aye Myat Thu looks suoperb in those outfits. She is cool; yet oozes sexiness. She can be hot too by her enchanting looks. She is a beauty - a true authenthic Myanmar beauty.