Increasing Fuel Prices In Myanmar Makes People Roll Out

The gasoline,diesel and CNG prices were going up last week, 14.8.07 at night.

The gasoline price has been increased to 3000Kyats(approx. US$2.30 per gallon = US$ 0.608 per litre), The price of petrol was raised to 2500 kyat (approx. US$ 2 per gallon = US$ 0.52 per litre) respectively from 1500 kyat (approx. US$ 1.15 per gallon = US$ 0.304 per litre), and CNG ( Compressed Natural Gas) from 54 to 273 Kyat (US$ 0.209) per kilogram.

The authorities have not made any official statement before or after the fuel price rise.

Currently, the minimum fare of normal bus goes up to 150 kyats which has been increased from 40 kyats. The regular price of bus round about 2004 is only 20 kyats for maximum distance. Right now, nobody can check the right fare that has been usually posted on the bus because of spares won't ask the shown amount which has been approved by the head of the department of vehicles.

The prices of other goods are more likely to be increased because of this situation.

Here are the fare list posted on 56 legally but people seemed to be asked over that price illegally.

Here are the photos that have been taken during the demonstration at 19.8.06

"It is not a protest rally but a demonstration to show that we are walking because we cannot afford to travel by buses due to the increased fares caused by hike in fuel prices," Ko Ko Gyi said.

"We are doing this to highlight the situation the people are facing. We want to draw the attention...." Ko Ko Gyi said.