Sienna Miller Makes Out With A Model


Last year, Sienna Miller - who Perez Hilton nicknamed Sluttyienna - was linked to a number of different men including Jude Law, James Franco, Jamie Dornan and Hayden Christensen. Coincidentally or not, all of those guys have also been linked to Lindsay Lohan. And Sienna's latest love interest also has a Lohan connection. Interesting…

According to the New York Daily News, Miller was seen kissing model-cum-musician Jamie Burke in the lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel on Saturday night. An onlooker told NYDN, "There was no Fashion Week party or anything there at the time - they were just making out." Calvin Klein poster boy Burke was seen at a party in the Gramercy for Sienna's film, Factory Girl recently.

Though Sienna's no stranger to Hollywood bed-hopping, neither is Jamie. In addition to Sienna and Lindsay, Jamie has reportedly romanced Kate Moss and Courtney Love.

Source from- NeonSter