Pop Music Icon Justin Timberlake Favorite Among French Designers


We all know that Pop Music Icon Justin Timberlake tried to have his own style not just in music but also for his look, all being part of his new image since he started his solo music career. Reports say Yves Saint Laurent designers have taken Justin Timberlake’s tips and created a new style, with other words a Saint-Laurent three-piece suit thanks to the trend setter Timberlake. According to an Associated Press interview, Saint Laurent fashion designer, Stefano Pilati, said about Timberlake’s new fashion look: “To show at his age that he has this sense of style and appreciation for luxurious things and clothes, and is not somebody that leaves things to just happen, for me that’s what represents style.”That’s not all, the French labels Hermes and Lanvin are also targeting pop icons like Justin Timberlake. While Lanvin’s ready-to-wear show included among others cropped jackets and skinny pants, Hermes Designer, Veronique Nichanian, prefers posh material with defined shape.
Source from- NeonSter