Kevin Federline Super Bowl Ad Pokes Fun At Himself


New York, NY - Aspiring rapper Kevin Federline, the estranged husband of Britney Spears, said he never meant to insult the fast-food industry with a Super Bowl advertisement in which he plays a fry cook dreaming of stardom.
The ad for insurance company Nationwide Financial Services debuted on the company's Web site on Monday and has already stirred up controversy ahead of the Sunday game, emerging as the season's most talked about spot.

Last week, a leading restaurant association described the 30-second ad as demeaning to industry workers and asked for it to be dumped.

Federline, 28, known as K-Fed, said in an interview that the commercial is only meant to poke fun at himself -- a fact that made him initially wary of taking on the project.

"I was skeptical at first," Federline said on Monday. "The whole idea of poking fun at myself -- that's where I was iffy."

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