Anna Nicole Smith Allegedly Tried To Kill Herself


The news about Anna Nicole Smith's death yesterday in a Hollywood, Florida casino is developing by the hour and on Friday afternoon it was revealed that the Playboy playmate allegedly tried to kill herself recently by drowning in her own pool. The early reports coming out of Florida and from Smith's mom herself on Good Morning America are that Smith likely died of a drug overdose, but the news that she was found floating in her pool recently makes her death even more suspicious. broke the news that Howard K. Stern, Smith's husband, attorney, and possible father of her new daughter Dannielynn, found Anna Nicole floating facedown in her pool. He called for her bodyguard who performed CPR on the Trimspa model and saved her life. A bodyguard tried to perform CPR again yesterday in the hotel but it was too late and she died at the hospital.

How Anna Nicole Smith died is still unclear but once the impact of the tragedy subsided, theories started almost immediately. Anna Nicole's son Daniel died in September from a combination of drugs and many think that Anna Nicole might have gone the same route. Ron Rale, Smith's attorney, did say that Smith had a high fever recently, but even he alluded to Smith's recent troubles and how they affected his client. He told MSNBC, "I don't think anybody should have to endure what she's endured, having lost her son, people attacking her left and right. I felt like Anna was the underdog, having all of this thrust upon her. And she really just wanted to be a mom, and she was a good mom."

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